Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween's Over...So now what?

My husband Charlie is adorable.  I think one of my favorite things about him (besides the fact that he is cute, smart, funny and kind!) is that he is interested and supportive in everything I do.  For some things, he is front and center; giving me advice and support.  For other things (this blog being one of them), he seems to keep to himself which would initially make me think he is not interested.  However, just when I think I found something he didn't much care about, he makes a random comment about that very thing!  So I was a little surprised on Sunday morning when Charlie asked me "So now that Halloween is over, what in the heck are you going to blog about?".  Well, that was a great question!  Halloween gave me so many fun ideas to share with you.  I however have no doubt that I will find some wonderful things to blog about between Holidays! Starting with today's post on re-purposing those Halloween pumpkins.

My mom and I have been known to do some really cool crafts around this time a year.  From fall wreaths, to an entire Christmas tree of hand wired nuts, pine cones and other natural items...we have done it all! One of my favorite crafts that my mother has done for years is this one.  She will take a pumpkin, add items to the top and then paint the pumpkin.  They turn out so beautiful and because of the paint, they last through the Holidays!

Here are the steps to making your Holiday pumpkin and the things you will need:

You can use any type of pumpkin.  We actually purchased the pumpkins that you use to make pies but anything will work. The first thing that you will do is take the stems off the pumpkins.

You can put anything on your pumpkin imaginable!  We used Hickory Nuts from the back yard, pine needles and potpourri.  There are many types of potpourri out there but try to pick something with some large items in the bag.

Next, you will take a hot glue gun, and start gluing pieces on the top of the pumpkin.  Let your creativity be your guide!  They all turn out so different but so beautiful! 

Now this is where you can stop if you like.  I love all of the colors in the pumpkins but took these a step further by painting them all one color.  It is your choice!  They will be beautiful either way.
If you decide to spray your pumpkins, you can choose any color spray paint you would like.  We did gold but chocolate brown would be beautiful too.

Set the pumpkins on a cup or something high so that you can get the bottoms too. Then, spray away!!!

The end result is breathtaking!  You can set these in the middle of your table for Thanksgiving, give these as gifts or even set these under your Christmas tree for added decoration. There are no rules to this craft.  Just remember to have fun!


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