Monday, November 16, 2009

Creative Christmas Card Ideas

I love Thanksgiving!  I love getting together with the family and catching up on things that our busy lives prevented us to be a part of over the past year.  I love sharing food and laughter with family and friends and being thankful for all things that I am truly blessed for and of course being thankful for all the wonderful food!  I love all of those parts about Thanksgiving.  However, I think what I love the best about Thanksgiving is that it is the beginning of the Holiday Season!  I wait every year for the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to see Santa on his sleigh traveling up the streets of New York City!  What a perfect way to kick off the holiday season!

So I thought I would hold off on blogging about Christmas until this anxiously awaited event occurred this year.  However, I couldn't do it!  I am too excited and have too many great things to share so I am starting this week!  I figured if Walgreens can start running their Christmas commercials (and I am sure everyone is running to get their designer snuggie which is on sale now at select stores!), then why can't I blog about it?

So I wanted to kick off this Holiday Season with one of the most popular and important traditions out there...the Christmas card. 

There are so many wonderful ideas out there and I intend to give you some great resources so that you can get your cards on order and ready to send out by December 1st! I know things are busy right now and that is why I selected some of the best websites out there so that you don't have to run all over town to try and find that perfect card.

One of my favorite websites this year is I absolutely LOVE all of their cards, invitations and gifts! Photo cards are so popular right now but I also love getting traditional cards too! Here are some of my favorite from Red Stamp:

I also LOVE anything Alexa Pulitzer!  One of my favorite Christmas cards this year is this one.  It's so classic and beautiful.  I am sure my mother will be doing something like this!

Of course as I mentioned above, photo cards are so popular right now.  I love receiving a Christmas card from a family member or friend I haven't seen in a while,especially one with their child's picture on it.  It's great to see how fast they have grown!  Below are some of my favorite photo cards this year. 

These cards are from the website  They have some of the best photo cards I have seen!  They are classic and fun!

These are from and also very beautiful.  You can digitally upload your image and they will do the rest!

I also love the idea of a family letter card to take things a step further with updating your family and friends with highlights from the year. You can find these at Red Stamp as well! 

This blank card above is also an Alexa Pulitzer.  The reason I love it is that there is so much you can do on the left side of this card.  One of my favorite ideas is to print one of your favorite holiday recipes on your holiday card. It's a fun surprise for your friends and family to get one of your most popular holiday recipes for them to share with their family.  You can print this on just about any card.  You can even save it as a jpg. and upload it as the "photo" for one of the photo cards I showed you above! 

This card is from I love the santa hats on the crawfish! 

Christmas cards are such a fun way to tell your loved ones that you are thinking about them this holiday season.  Whether you choose one of my resources or have one's of your own, be sure to be a part of this wonderful holiday tradition and make someone feel special this year! 

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Christy Smith PIckle said...

These cards are fantastic, Lauren! I just discovered your blog. I like it.