Monday, November 23, 2009

Inpire by Design has MOVED!

Monday's are what I would like to call "Clean Slate" days!  They are days where you can take your faults and accomplishments from the last week, wipe them clean and start over!  I have had a lot of fun on blogspot but it's time that I say goodbye and take my  blog to Tumblr.  Tumblr is a much easier blog to use and with that, you will probably be getting more things to read!!!

Not much will change for you readers though.  You will still get updates via facebook and twitter when I post, and you can still follow me and comment!  I did get a new design for my blog and it's pretty slick!  I decided to use a wood floor as my background which actually is symbolic!  There is nothing like walking in an empty house with freshly painted walls and nothing but a wood floor as your canvas!  It's my new canvas for my blog and hopefully I can fill it with colorful and interesting things for you!

So without further adieu....take a look and keep checking my new blog for posts!!!

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