Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Decorating Tradition #1...Carved Pumpkins!

It's my favorite time of year!  Halloween!!!!  I am not sure if it's one of my favorite holidays because my birthday falls only a week before or if it's all that candy!! (my weakness for sure!).  Whatever the case, Halloween is not only one of my favorite days but also one of my favorite holidays to decorate. 
There are so many fun ideas out there right now and I would like to share my top 5 favorite decoration ideas so far this year. I will be posting these ideas up until Halloween.  Today I would like to share my first favorite tradition!
Carved Pumpkins

Now when I was a kid, there weren't as many pumpkin carving tools, ideas and templates as there are now.  I was just happy with the traditional happy pumpkin (see pumpkin on left). Although I loved the happy pumpkin, my dad, who only had one boys, also had to do the mean and scary pumpkin too for himself (which I also enjoyed!).
Fast forward about 20 years and you can now find anything and everything to make your pumpkin be whatever your little heart desires!  One of my favorite designs is this Vulture's Cage Pumpkin which you can find on .  All you do is click on the link and print out the templates on your home printer. 
I am not so sure that I have the carving skills to get this one done, but I might try and post my progress on a future blog.  I am not promising that my vulture won't be deformed or decapitated when it's all said and done but I am going to give it a try!!!
The HGTV website also has some great non traditional templates like this chair template.  I think it's a great idea for a designer hosting a Halloween party or someone who wants to go off the beaten path this Halloween and do something a little less spooky!  

And as I person who loves anything that can make me laugh...

This one is called the hungry Jack-o'-Lantern! (I looked like this yesterday when I forgot to eat dinner!)

This pumpkin obviously did a little too much partying at Martha Stewart's Halloween bash last night! (gross..I know!  But I couldn't keep this image to myself!) Actually if you go to , you will see some very interesting creations and some that are just downright gross (like above!).
Last but not least, I would like to share some photos and ideas for decorating pumpkins without having to use a knife!  This is a much safer and sometimes more creative approach to decorating your pumpkin....

I love the polka-dot pumpkins.  All you need is a circle stencil and some paint.
Stenciled Pumpkins are also a beautiful and very delicate look to your Halloween decor.  You can find stencils at any craft store and all you need is paint.

This is one of the most elegant Halloween or Thanksgiving centerpieces I have found so far (courtesy of Martha Stewart).  I love the white pumpkin filled with a variety of flowers in the center.  All you would have to do is cut the top off the pumpkin and place a bowl inside for the water, then add your flowers. You can then add the smaller pumpkins around the center piece along with autumn colored candles (which you can find anywhere right now).

I hope I was able to inspire you to go outside the box a little this year when carving your pumpkins!  Halloween only comes once a year so make that pumpkin something all your neighbors are talking about and have a very Happy Halloween!!!! 

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