Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Decorating #4- Festive Front Doors!

First Impressions are important.  Imagine being picked up for your first date...you have the perfect dress on, your hair actually decided to cooperate for the first time in weeks and your heels are rocking!  You have the perfect guy on your arm and you know you look fabulous!  After a few cocktails at the bar, you decide to run to the bathroom to "powder your nose", only to find when you flash those pearly whites, there is the world's largest piece of parsley in your teeth from last night's mashed potatoes you found yourself stuffing in your mouth just 10 minutes before McDreamy came to pick you up! Horrifying...yes!  Lesson learned to forgo the parsely before your first date?...definitely!

Although the look of your front door is not as life or death as the story above, it is important to make a great first impression for your Halloween guests.  So many people love to decorate for Halloween, but never venture outside which is most likely the only place your trick or treaters will see!  I have some great self-explanatory photos of some of my favorite Halloween front doors that you can do before Saturday!  I guarantee your trick or treaters will enjoy your festive door as much as you and your family will!!!

I love the dog!  The wreath is pretty fabulous too!  It is made of tiny pumpkins which I imagine were glued on.  Just add the black ribbon and you are set!

Using Christmas lights is also a big thing for Halloween.  These are actually wrapped around a wire shaped pumpkin.  Anything you can do to help light up the path to your entry will help those little ones out and also create a very festive feel! I love the happy pumpkins, by the way! Also, corn stalks are a big deal right now and add a lot to your fall decor without having to dig deep in your pockets.  You can find these for about $3 a stalk at your local nursery!

Okay, this has to be one of my favorite ideas! This photo is from goodhousekeeping.com.  I love the pumpkin "tower" placed on the black urns where I assume a topiary sat not too long ago! The black trees are just painted which you could free hand and the artist also poked holes in the pumpkin to create "stars".  Just add orange and white pumpkins around and a spooky wreath and you will be the talk of the neighborhood!

And let's not forget the wreath!  You can do something more festive or something like this wreath above which will take you through Thanksgiving as well!  I love the magnolia leaves and the fall leaves and berries that will add a bit of color to your front door!

For those of you that want to go with more of a spooky direction, then there is only one place I suggest you going...The website http://www.hauntproject.com/ is AMAZING!!!! There is a variety of projects you can choose from to make your front yard the scariest thing anyone has ever seen (like this flying crank ghost).  You can browse through the images, click on what project you want to do and get step by step instructions.  You HAVE to check it out!

So whatever you decide to do with your front door this Halloween, be sure to make it fun and inviting, and if you won't be decorating your front door this season, at least take my advice from above and check your teeth for parsley every once in a while!!!

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