Thursday, October 1, 2009

For those of you who loved Domino Magazine...

I don't know about you, but the day I found out Domino Magazine was closing their doors and no longer publishing one of the most refreshing home magazines out there, was a sad day for me.  I seriously considered revisiting my coffee addiction after this news but quickly snapped back out of it and am still just having 1-2 cups a day..scouts honor!
I think one of my favorite things about this magazine (besides the cute sticky tabs in the front of each issue so you could mark your favorite pages) was the upbeat articles, colorful projects and fun do it your self columns in every issue.  I also loved that most of the items that they would feature were not only hip, but usually affordable and easy to find!

For those of you who miss this fun and refreshing magazine and have not been able to find something close to it...the wait is over!  There is a new magazine (out as a digital copy only right now) that is very similar to our long lost friend Domino and the best part about it right now and you can go online and check it out for free!  The magazine is called Loony Magazine .  I spent the last hour going through the beautiful, pages and must say that I am impressed!  I totally find the similarity of this magazine and Domino and there is a reason.  The creators of this magazine have ties to Domino which is probably why this first issue has the same creativeness and upbeat vibe. 

So I have talked about the similarities but also want to talk about what I think is better and different about this magazine.  I think there is a slightly stronger emphasis on fashion which I love.  I feel that fashion whether it be in your home or on your body, is so important and totally reflects your style either way.  I LOVE the layouts of this magazine and the advertisements are from a lot of companies that I have never heard about but instantly fell in love with (and will probably be blogging about soon!). Lastly, the houses featured in this issue are so much fun!!!  I think there are ideas and elements of each project that each of us could bring into our homes. 

All in all, I absolutely loved this first issue and hope everyone will take a minute out of their day and take a look at it for yourself!  What a great way to start October!!!! 

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Clarissa said...


Thanks for the tip on the new magazine!! I loved domino and still enjoy looking through the old issues for ideas.

Recently, I have been checking out Design Sponge's blog and a few of their contributors worked for Domino. So if you haven't checked that blog out, it's also a really great read!

I can't wait to start reading this new magazine!