Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dead Flowers are Out! Floral Reproductions...SO IN!

I don't know about you, but I have been known to kill a plant but just looking at it (same goes for killing a good recipe but that's a whole other post!). My thumbs are more like red rather than green!  No matter what I do or how hard I try...the poor plant is doomed as soon as it crosses my threshold!

You would think I would figure it out and just stop buying live plants but I just can't!  The good news is that I get the hint as soon as the plants start getting a little "crispy" and immediately call on my parents to adopt yet another plant from me.  This is a great plan for now but pretty soon, their house is going to start looking like the Secret Garden!  I walked in the other day and I swear they are feeding their plants something I obviously didn't know about.  The fern I purchased last spring that ended up brown and crunchy now takes over their entire back patio.  It seriously looks like the little shop of horrors plant!!  I just don't know how they do it!

I love the look of crisp pink tulips set in a beautiful clean crystal vase in the middle of a dining table! (Can anyone tell me if these are real or fake????)

But in all reality, this girl is never going to keep real tulips in the house for more than 24 hours without something going wrong. solution? Floral Reproductions (which is a better way of saying fake).  Now I'm not talking about the old silk flowers you used to find in the hobby section at the back of K-Mart in the 90's.  I am talking about some real high end floral arrangements.  The kind that has even you, the owner of them guessing if they are real or not...even though you know they aren't. 

One of my favorites, is this arrangement of Tulips from a company called NDI.  They have a wide range of just about everything you can think of and the best part is, their arrangements look SO real and add so much to the room. 

When shopping for a good floral reproduction, don't be scared off by the price.  Initially, I was!  However, I started doing the math and realized that every time I went to Fresh Market, I had to fill up that cute little fresh flower holder they have on their shopping carts.  The fresh flowers there are actually priced great but even so, I was spending around $10 a week on these suckers!  The worst part is that I swear they were wilting by the time I got them out of my car!  It's like they knew they were going to my house and just decided to give up on life before I subjected them to a long and painful death! So $10 a week which is around $40 a month really adds up in a lifetime so I decided to take the plunge and invest in something that truly made sense! 

So I have covered table top arrangements but there is more!!!! Sometimes flowers are not as time consuming to keep alive because if they are in a vase of water, they will inevitably be dead in a couple of days anyway (or is that just me?).  House plants are the WORST to keep alive if you don't have them in the right light, take proper care of them or forget to water them.  Well there is a solution to this problem as well.  There are some amazing plants out there that you can't even tell are fake.  Below is a great example. 

This Palm tree from NDI not only looks so real but feels real to the touch!  No one will know but you and everyone will think you are a miracle worker will all of your plants and flowers!

So if you can't keep a plant or flower alive but want to add color and softness to your room, go online and check out this new and exciting world that I hopefully opened up for you!  Don't worry...I'll never tell!!! 

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Hi pretty!
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Love the post! I need about 5 of these "reproductions," I've given up with living plants.